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Henning Smiths Vej

Henning Smiths Vej

Built Year



C.F. Møller


M. Thomsen Støtt A/S


Brix & Kamp A/S


Himmerland Boligforening

Thorough renovation project in Aalborg 

Since 2017, the buildings at Henning Smiths Vej and Poul Buaas Vej in Aalborg have undergone a thorough renovation. Himmerland Housing Association has turned the original 210 apartments into 195 apartments with brand new ceilings, floors, kitchens and bathrooms. 

Furthermore, the buildings went through an exterior renovation, which among other things provided the buildings with new balconies in ultra high performance concrete. The balconies varies in both lengths and widths, but common to all balconies are that they provide the residents with new and useful outdoor areas. 


Hi-Con elements

Hi-Con has supplied the renovation project with almost 700 elements in light ultra high performance concrete. The elements consist of both regular balconies, bookshelf balconies, entrances, wall elements, top elements and columns, all of which contribute to a new and modern expression. 

We chose Hi-Con's own workers to install the balconies and we experienced Hi-Con as being both flexible, serious and solution-oriented cooperation partners who has been very engaged and visible on the construction site.

David K. Madsen ,
M. Thomsen Støtt A/S