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Herningsholm Vocational School

Herningsholm Vocational School

Built Year



C.F. Møller


Jacobsen & Blindkilde A/S


Cowi A/S



Innovative solutions

It was both innovation, cooperation and a bespoke facade solutions that created the award winning building at Herningsholm Vocational School to which Hi-Con supplied with facade panels, insulation facade elements, sandwich elements and balconies. A solution that demanded several innovative methods. Among others Hi-Con developed new production methods and mounting principles and a new 3D method to manage the many different elements.  

From the very start the architects from C. F. Moller had a goal to deliver a complete building that matched the original vision. It meant that innovative methods needed to be taking into use to create the correct and light expression of the facades. The completed building at the Vocational School is as close to the original vision as you can come. 


Hi-Con elements

Hi-Con supplied project "Herningsholm" with 146 insulated facade panels, 19 pieces of insulated sandwich elements, eaves panels, balconies and wall slabs in CRC i2® ultra high performance concrete.

In 2017, Herningsholm Vocational School won an award at the International Architecture Day and in the end of 2017 the project was chosen as on of the most liked projects among 50.000 projects at 

We did not wish for a stringent element building, but quite the contrary, we wanted the facades to have a more vibrant and light expression. The sandwich elements had been the obvious choice with the raw concrete, but it would have had consequences for the aesthetic value of the building and the construction behind it. We ended up with a solution that met our expectations of an elegant and light expression.

Christian Skaanning Nielsen,
Former Construction Manager - C.F. Møller