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Ultra high performance concrete

Slender and bespoke balconies

Hi-Con balconies are solutions made in CRC i2®. The balconies are bespoke solutions, cast in very large formats and with a free shapeability that are securely and easily mounted on the facade. Besides the obvious functional value of the balconies, they pay an essential role in creating the expression and character of the building. Our material possesses a number of properties that provide the architect with a freedom to design and shape the balconies in accordance to his or her dream and vision for a specific building project. This freedom is only provided because of the extreme strength and durability of the material. Furthermore, CRC i2® makes it possible to design bespoke balconies while still taking the demands of the construction into account. The construction and condition of the building is very important in both renovation projects and new builds. Whether the balconies are meant to be installed on an existing or a new building the construction is crucial to how the balconies are installed and e.g. how large we can make the balconies. Therefore, we always recommend our collaborators to involve us early in the process in order to provide the best possible solution. 

Balconies i UHPC

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Types of balconies

We make different types of balconies

The architectural dream of slender, minimalistic and cantilevered balconies are achievable with CRC i2®. Through out the years, Hi-Con has supplied both new builds and renovation projects with thousands of balcony slabs in CRC i2®. 

The minimalistic and extremely slender balcony slab can be cast with a thickness of only 50 mm and weighs around 50% less than a comparable balcony in conventional concrete. Often buildings are able to carry very large balconies of this type, which increases the value of the apartments and the applicability for the residents. 

Take a look at one of our balcony slabs right here

The design options are many with balconies with one or more parapets. The parapets can be designed in verious heights and furthermore function as a privacy screen. 

You can design the parapets as a part of the load bearing structure, which makes it possible to use hidden connections and a solution with parapet balconies is a great option for both renovation projects and new builds. 

Take a look at a parapet balcony right here

Box balconies or box elements from Hi-Con can be installed by using different mounting principles. This type of balcony pays a significant part in the architectural expression and character of the building. 

Besides the easthetical value of the box balcony, this type of balcony contributes with some functional values. The box balcony is both covered and closed and thereby provides the residents with a privat outdoor area they can use in all kinds of weather.  

Take a look at a box balcony right here.

As housing associations face a thorough renovation that requires new balconies, Hi-Con can contribute with unique and specialized knowledge about mounting principles and balcony solutions. We always strive to create the balconies you dream of, while still taking the construction of the building into consideration. 

Whether the balconies are meant to create a new outdoor area for the residents or preserve an already existing expression of the old balconies, we tailor the balconies to the specific project. 

Take a look at a balcony renovation right here


The material properties

Our material possesses a number of essential properties. We have listed the most important properties below. 


  • Freedom in shape and aesthetic design             
  • Slender and minimalistic elements
  • Maintenance-free solutions
  • +100 years durability
  • An extreme strenght 
  • Lower weight on the building 
  • Allows balconies in large formats
  • Lower transportation costs
  • Smaller cranes needed for installation
  • Fire resistant material
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Mounting principles

All balcony projects are bespoke solutions and a part of the process is always to identify the optimal mounting principle. 

Are you currious to know more about our mounting principles you can take a closer look at our mounting principles under downloads. 

Material documentation

We know our concrete - and we constantly test and develop our material in order to optimize our application.  

We are specialized in UHPC and our concrete is the oldest and best-documented UHPC. By using Hi-Con elements we assure that the material is well-tested and documented for its applications. 

In our downloads you can find a selection of our material documentation or you can read more about the material in our knowledge center. 

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