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Ultra high performance concrete

Bespoke and elegant stairases in UHPC

Staircases in UHPC

Staircases in ultra high performance concrete

A staircase is more than a staircase. A staircase changes rooms, it ties floors together and it provides a room and even a building with character and identity. When inviting Hi-Con into the process, we are able to help you produce a staircase with a unique expression. It could be a staircase that adorns your new office building or a new and elegant staircase to enter your apartment building. Hi-Con staircases are solutions cast in CRC i2®. We strive to create value for both the architect, the engineer, the contractor, the builder and the end-user. Whether you dream of a spiral staircase that winds several floors or an accordion staircase with extra long span, we can help to make your dreams and visions about a unique staircase come true.  

We make bespoke staircases that are tailored to the specific project in order to match the architectural expression and functionality of the building. In our staircase solutions, we utilize the unique properties of our material to make sure that you are provided with a freedom to design and form a staircase that matches your dreams and vision. 

Staircases in UHPC

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Types of staircases

We make different types of staircses

An accordion staircase is a self-supporting staircase solution. If a solution with extra-long spans is needed, a beam is sometimes required to support the stairs in an integrated and elegant way. The steps can measure down to 50 mm thickness, they have a long durability and, like all our staircases, each accordion staircase is unique.

A accordion staircase in CRC i2® is a simple staircase with a light and elegant expression that is easy to install.

Take a closer look at an accordion staircase right here

The spiral staircase is characterized by the way it revolves around a centrally located column. As the individual steps are stacked they form a spiral, which is subsequently reinforced and cast. The spiral then becomes the supporting element and acts as the column around which the steps revolve. 

The elegant, slender and twisting staircase can be designed with steps measuring down to 50 mm in thickness.

Take a closer look at a spiral staircase right here

A winding staircase is characterised by the opening in the center of the staircase. Therefore, a winding staircase is not supported by a centrally located column, but instead by an inner beam. A winding staircase often requires more space and comes in many elements that are assembled on-site with CRC® Jointcast. 

A Winding staircase is an elegant and beautiful solution that can be cast with steps measuring down to 50 mm in thickness. 

Take a look at a winding staircase right here

When you use Hi-Con’s loose steps for your staircase solution, you can easily and elegantly design a staircase with a slender and simple expression. Our loose steps in CRC i2® are lightweight elements that are simply mounted on walls or beams. The length, width and risers varies from project to project, just as the loose steps can be supplied with different surfaces.

Take a closer look at a staircase with loose steps right here

A custom staircase is a staircase solution that can not be included in one of the types of staircases mentioned earlier. In those cases you often see that an extraordinary solution is required. This may be the case where there is a need to develop a new mounting principle, where there is a need to combine several different types of stairs, where there is a need to use new shapes or colours or something else entirely. No challenge is too great - at Hi-Con we like a challenge, and we would love to help make your dream come true.


Material properties

Our material possesses a number great properties. We have listed the most important properties below: 

  • Bespoke staircase solutions            
  • Slender and minimalistic design
  • Freedom in shape and expression
  • Maintenance-free material  
  • +100 years durability 
  • Low weight and easy installation
  • Fireresistant material 
  • Extremely strong material
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Mounting principles

All staircase projects are bespoke solutions and a part of the process is always to identify the optimal mounting principle. 

Are you currious to know more about our mounting principles you can take a closer look at our mounting principles under downloads. 

Material documentation

We know our concrete - and we constantly test and develop our material in order to optimize our application.  

We are specialized in UHPC and our concrete is the oldest and best-documented UHPC. By using Hi-Con elements we assure you that the material is well-tested and documented for its applicationn. 

In our downloads you can find a selection of our material documentation. 

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