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The Stranding Museum

The Stranding Museum

Built Year



Frank Maali & Gemma Lalanda


Bjarne Ørts & Co.


Grue + Kirkegaard


The Stranding Museum

Facade panels in large formats

From 2015 - 2017 The Stranding Museum went through a thorough renovation. The project vision was to create a balance between being lost and being saved with a new large main building, which symbolizes a ship. The building has been wrapped in large facade panels in UHPC with a wooden surface structure. The materials have been chosen in order to meet the sorrounding environment of harbor, sand and dunes. 

Hi-Con elements

Hi-Con supplied the museum with 90 facade elements in light CRC i2®. The 90 elements measure up to 100 millimeters in thickness and have a total area of 630 m².  

The length of the facade elements varies between 1,1 - 15,5 meters.

In 2017 the Stranding Musuem was awarded by the Municipalicy of Holstebro for matching its character and identity with its purpose and location. 

The Stranding Museum in Thorsminde

Facade panels in large formats

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