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Ultra high performance concrete

Bespoke facade elements in large formats

Facades in UHPC

Facades in ultra high performance concrete

Hi-Con facades are bespoke and precasted elements in CRC i2® that creates value for the architect, the engineer, the contractor and the developer. Our slender facade elements utilize the material properties to create premium architecture without comprimising its strength and durability. Large formats, slender elements, bespoke design and low weight are among some of the properties you can take advantage of when applying CRC i2® in your building project. 

We strive to get our facade elements to meet your visions and needs and thereby achieve the architectural expression and functionality you wish for. Therefore, we are specialized in making different types of facade solutions, which can be applied for different purposes. Among our facade solutions you will find insulated facade elements, aesthetic curtain walls for sun shielding, facade panels in large formats and facade elements that are suitable for renovation projects.  

Facades in UHPC

Explore the projects with UHPC facades

Types of facades in UHPC

We make different types of facades

Our insulated facade elements can be used for both renovation projects and new build. The insulated facade element is designed with insulation on one side and a facade panel in CRC i2® on the other. The elements are installed easily on an existing wall or on a new building. They are lightweight and the facade panel measures down to 30 mm in thickness.

Take a look at an insulated facade element in CRC i2® right here


Curtain walls are non-structural, transparent and aesthetic facade elements that provides the building with a unique expression, which can function as a sunshield. The curtain wall elements come in large formats, with a bespoke design and a thickness down to 45 mm.  

Take a look at a curtain wall in CRC i2® right here

Facade cladding from Hi-Con are non-insulated and closed elements used to create a consistent and overall expression of your building. Cladding panels in CRC i2® come in large formats, with bespoke surfaces and a slender and light design that are easy to install. The cladding elements are cast with a thickness down to 45 mm.   

Take a look at a cladding element in CRC i2® right here

At Hi-Con we make facade elements for renovation projects. From energy optimizing projects with insulated facade elements to creating a new expression with self-supporting and load-downleading facade elements. 

The choices are many and regardless of the purpose, we are able contribute with great knowledge and solutions for your next facade renovation. 

Take a closer look at an upcomming renovation project with self-supporting and insulated facade elements right here

Facades in UHPC

Aesthetical curtain walls at the University of Southern Denmark


Material properties

Our material has a lot of great properties. We have listed the most important properties below: 


  • Self-supporting elements
  • High insulation capacity 
  • Bespoke solutions
  • Large scale facade elements
  • Slender elements with lower weight
  • More square meters for effective living space
  • Low maintenance and +100 years durability
  • Fire resistant material
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Mounting principles

All facade projects are bespoke solutions and a part of the process is to identify the optimal mounting principle. 

Are you curious to know more about our mounting principles you can take a closer look at a selection of our mounting principles under downloads. 

Material documentation

We know our concrete and we constantly test and develop our material in order to optimize our applications.  

We are specialized in UHPC and our concrete is the oldest and best-documented UHPC. By using Hi-Con elements we assure that the material is well-tested and documented for its application. 

In our downloads you can find a selection of our material documentation. 

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