Innovation moves us forward


To us innovation is key. We want to try what has not yet been tried. 

30% of our ressources are dedicated to develop our company and the material.  

If you have an idea for a use of high performance concrete that can make a difference for your next project in one of our business areas, please contact Group Business Development.


Innovation partners

The innovative potentials of High Performance Concrete are very high – and in the future you will see many new applications in this wonderful construction material. However, unlocking the potentials requires new and open minded cooperation and network between the partners in the industry – developers, architects, engineers, contractors, manufacturers, clients and end users.

We invite everybody to join forces in exploring the future potentials of High Performance Concrete. 

Our core competencies are centered around identifying, developing and implementing new business models.

Please contact us for cooperation and dialogue on:

  • Innovative Business models

  • Innovative Applications

  • Innovative Networks and Cooperation


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Peter Vendelin Olesen