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Job hos Hi-Con

Hi-Con employs many people within both production and administation. We employ building constructors, engineers, technical assistants, production workers and people educated within sales, management, communication and economy. 

You are more than welcome to send your application if you think that your profesional and personal profile matches our company. If you are a student looking for an internship or a collaboration with a company in your next project, we are also happy to receive your application. 

In regards to the GDPR regulations, we ask you to remember to provide Hi-Con wih the permission to use your personal information when applying for any of the above mentioned opportunities. We store your information in three month and thereafter, your information will be deleted on our server. 


Our culture and DNA

The people at Hi-Con

It is the human resources that create our company. The ability to navigate and to be successful in the future depends on the people working at Hi-Con. 

At Hi-Con the employees are valuable ressources in the process of creating the best possible solutions for our customers and collaboraters. At Hi-Con we employ both engineers, building constructors, people educated within sales, communication and management, production workers with a background in craftmanship or workers with experience from another, similar job function. A diverce work force is a significant part of the culture at Hi-Con. The educational, social, cultural and personal diversities develop our ways of approaching different tasks. 

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The art of getting 100 people to jump at the same time

Blue Academy

We educate our employees in our culture, brand and material. This takes place in our internal training academy: Blue Academy. As a new employee you will attend Blue Academy sessions in order to provide you the basic knowledge of the ingredients that make up our DNA and create a common vocabulary regarding our culture, our material and our brand.

In Blue Academy it is all about the human resources at Hi-Con. It is about creating a community, a common language, a deeper understanding of each other and a common culture, values and direction. Blue Academy is all about continuous, professional and personal development of the people working at Hi-Con. Therefore, Blue Academy also consists of tailored courses and theme days in order to support the constant development of the people working at Hi-Con. 


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