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Balconies in ultra high performance concrete

The Neighborhood

The Neighborhood

Built Year



ERIK arkitekter


Dansk Boligbyg A/S


Midtconsult / Afry


Olav De Linde

Shareable luxury apartments with supreme materials 

The "Neighborhood" consists of 390 new rental apartments, which works well as shared apartments. It consists of supreme materials including oak floors with heating, natural stone floors and much more, which all  contributes to a solid Nordic construction. 

In addition to the beautiful buildings, there is also a green area and private terraces. Here also hedges and scattered deciduous trees stretch in the garden plan

Ultra high performance concrete elements

For "The Neighborhood", Hi-Con has helped Olav De Linde, ERIK architects and Dansk Boligbyg A/S to realize the dream of spacious balconies: "We have built in two stages and of course you want the second stage to look like the first and of course we have been very satisfied with the elements from Hi-Con for the first stage and therefore, we also chose Hi-Con for the second. It was a great wish for both us and the developer to create as deep balconies as possible and Hi-Con was able to supply that. This means more space for furnitures and outdoor areas. We think that the slender elements from Hi-Con are really beautiful. The measure from 90 mm by the facade to 70 mm in the front edge, which is insanely cool that it can be cast as slender as that", Anders Gottfred Petersen, Building Constructor and Associated Partner at ERIK arkitekter.  

From the apartments large balconies in ultra high performance concrete with glass railings extend the living rooms. Hi-Con has supplied the project with 368 balconies, which was totally completed in October 2020. The process has been characterized by great communication between the involved parties to create the best possible result.

We had a greater demand for daylight in the second stage of the building process, which meant that we needed more windows in the living rooms. It took some time for us to discover that we were missing a supporting point for the balconies. Here we sweated for a couple of hours, but Hi-Con was fast to get back to us saying that it was not an issue just to have two supporting points. It was really nice for an adviser, who had not thought that far. Very positive.

Anders Gottfred Petersen ,
Associated Partner - ERIK arkitekter

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