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28.03.2022 - How do we calculate the price for a balcony in ultra high performance concrete (UHPC)?

What is the cost of a balcony?

What is the cost of a balcony?

There are several factors that determine the price of a balcony project at Hi-Con. Below, we will attempt to describe some of the factors that influence the price of your new balcony and what you should be aware of.


As a starting point, the price of your balcony project depends on whether it is a custom-made (bespoke) balcony or a concept balcony. However, other factors such as quantity, variations, size, and complexity also play a role in the price.


Price for a bespoke balcony

We offer bespoke balconies that can be made in large sizes and with free formability. These balconies are tailored to your specific needs and requirements. For each variation of the bespoke balcony, there will be new calculations, new drawings, and new castings. The molds used in the casting process are cost-intensive and a crucial factor in the price of the balcony. The more often the mold is re-used, the lower the price per balcony will be. All these factors will affect the overall cost.



Price for concept balconies

Our new standardized solution, concept balconies, is designed to offer an economical, elegant, and competitive solution for those seeking a high-quality balcony within their budget. Unlike bespoke balconies, concept balconies use standardized molds and designs, which reduces the cost of the casting process. By choosing a concept balcony, you can save on some of the costs associated with bespoke balconies.



Do you sell to individuals?

As a starting point, we do NOT sell to private people.


We would recommend that you contact us if you have a specific project or a question related to price -   and from there we are happy to calculate a price for your project.


If you have further questions about our material, you can see our "Frequently asked questions."

Should we contact you?

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