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12.05.2018 - News from Hi-Con

Environmental Product Declaration

Environmental Product Declaration

Environmental Product Declaration


The past six months we have been working on partly a LCA (Life Cycle Analysis) and partly an EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) on our balconies. The process is now completed and third-party verified. Our EPD is representative for all concrete balconies from Hi-Con and is based on two specific and large recent Hi-Con projects. For example project "Fælledudsigten", which is located in Copenhagen. 



Our so called ”Carbon footprint” (the cconsumption of CO2 per unit) was actually a little lower than expected. Compared to conventional concrete, our material is considered a little higher per m3 CRC, as our UHPC contains a high amount of cement and steel fibers (1063 kg CO2 pr. m3 from ”cradle to gate”). However, if per "effective unit" is considered - for example per m2 balcony - we have less load compared to similar elements in conventional concrete, as our elements are significantly thinner. Furthermore, as an additional advantage, our elements have a significantly longer durability without any needs for maintenance. 


Read more about our Environmental Product Declaration right here

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