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Experiment R - completed and installed

Since September, we have continueously published updates about one of our advanced castings in high performance concrete - Experiment R. A 21 meters long, eight meters wide and 3,5 meters high sculpture consisting of six unique elements in high performance concrete. Now. the sculpture is completed and installed at "Tangkrogen" in Aarhus.   




The Experiment R process started more than five years ago as Hi-Con was contacted by The School of Architecture in Aarhus. At that time Hi-Con was asked if they were willing to participate in an experiment with the main focus of combining new robot technology, innovative architecture and high performance concrete. Since then all parties have been working hard (and with minor challenges along the way) to create the most advanced construction in the history of Denmark.


Besides The School of Architecture and Hi-Con, many other parties have been involved in this project. For example the robot company, Odico; the engineer company, Søren Jensen; the Formwork company, Brunsgaard; Aarhus Tech; the Dutch university, TU Delft and many other actors within the field of construction.


3D printed model in scale 1:40 and the installed Experiment R sculpture in full size. 


Would you like to read more about Experiment R, just visit the Hi-Con blog, where we continueously have been posting updates about the Experiment R process. 


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You can find information about the public inauguration of the sculpture right here (Danish)

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Bendt Kjær Aarup
Group R&D Manager