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07.12.2021 - Balconies in UHPC

All balconies de Westerwal in the Netherlands are mounted

Hi-Con NL has supplied a total of 56 UHPC balconies for the Westerwal project in Groningen. The balconies have a cantilever of 2900 mm and are only 60 mm thick at the front.

Thanks to the beautiful design by Aas architects in Groningen, the balconies fit perfectly in the facade with special details in the masonry.



Westerwal is located in a fairly undiscovered prime location of the Zeeheldenbuurt. Here you live in a pleasant neighborhood along the water of the Hoendiep. On the other hand, you can also walk or cycle through the city center of Groningen.

Thanks to Aas architects and Friso bouw for the assembly.


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