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Certified construction chooses slim balconies in Ultra High Performance Concrete



Built Year



Archidea Architects


Raundahl & Moesby


OBH Group


Heimstaden Denmark

Family-friendly rental apartments with high interest

Hirsehaven, idyllically located in Gl. Gjesing in Denmark, represents a new housing area, constructed by Raundahl & Moesby on behalf of the developer, Heimstaden Denmark. This modern residential area spans 12,000 m2 and includes 132 rental apartments, designed to merge functionality and quality with aesthetic appeal, all while being surrounded by lush green areas that invite tranquility and community. Even before the construction was completed, all apartments were fully leased, demonstrating significant interest in the area.


Hirsehaven consists of three block buildings with varying floor heights, offering a range of apartment types from two to four rooms. All apartments are designed with either a private terrace or balcony, allowing residents to enjoy the beautiful surroundings in privacy. The slim balconies, made from Ultra High Performance Concrete (UHPC), were produced by Hi-Con.

Slim balconies and canopies in Ultra High Performance Concrete

Choosing Hi-Con to supply the balconies and canopies for Hirsehaven was a natural decision, as the project's balconies and canopies were already designed in Ultra High Performance Concrete from the start. The choice of UHPC for these elements has enabled the creation of slim and modern designs for Hirsehaven, while the material adds durability, strength, and functionality to the construction.


For the project, Hi-Con delivered 105 balconies in gray UHPC CRC i2 in three different variants, with lengths ranging from 3.32 m to 4.16 m. The balconies are designed with a cast parapet along one side. Hi-Con also designed the railings, made from galvanized steel.


In addition to the balconies, Hi-Con also supplied 9 canopies in gray UHPC CRC i2 in two different sizes.

Photo: Christensen Photography

Green choices in focus

Green choices have been a recurring theme throughout the project, where Hirsehaven has focused on comfort, daylight, and green surroundings. Hirsehaven has received a DGNB Gold certification and has demanded product-specific EPDs for the materials used in the project.

Hi-Con's EPD for balconies can be found here.

The choice of UHPC for the balconies was deliberate, as the construction focused on making responsible material and product choices. With UHPC balconies, it is possible to cast very slender elements, significantly reducing concrete consumption compared to traditional concrete balconies. This is due to the material's extreme strength.

The material's durability also supports Hirsehaven's focus. With an expected lifespan of over 100 years, UHPC requires no maintenance or replacement, resulting in lower lifetime costs for both the developer and the end-user. This ensures long-term comfort for the residents while also reducing future maintenance costs.

You can read more about our efforts related to the environment here

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