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Award-winning facade renovation with UHPC

Kalvebod Brygge (KB32)

Kalvebod Brygge (KB32)

Built Year



Vilhelm Lauritzen Architects


Erik Pedersen Rådgivende Ingeniører



Transforming KB32 with UHPC

The iconic Kalvebod Brygge 32 (KB32) in Copenhagen has undergone a remarkable transformation. After years of neglect, the six-story building was in need of major renovation to restore its unique brutalist style and enhance its functionality. For years, the building laid almost deserted until it was renovated and turned into a 29,200 sqm open office domicile that has earned multiple prices, including the "Office Building of the Year (2022)" award by Nohrcon and "Copenhagen's Best Architecture (2022)" award by Berlinske.

The aim of the renovation process was to restore the original expression of the building and enhance its qualities with natural materials, spacious interiors, and natural light. Hi-Con is proud to have contributed to the project by providing elements in Ultra High Performance Concrete (UHPC) that helped achieve the architects' vision. The innovative use of UHPC elements has helped to transform KB32 into a stylish, modern, and functional workspace while preserving its original brutalist expression.

The KB32 renovation project serves as a testament to the possibilities of transforming iconic buildings into vibrant and functional spaces that meet the demands of today's modern workplaces.

Renovating with self-supporting facade panels

UHPC is a remarkable material that allows us to create elements that perfectly match the original expression of a building. It boasts exceptional compressive strength and durability, and can be cast into extremely slender and lightweight elements. This makes it an ideal option for renovation projects that require both aesthetic appeal and load-bearing capabilities, particularly when large formats need to be cast. You can read more about that here. 

For the KB32 renovation project, Hi-Con provided insulated and self-supporting facade panels with a wooden structure that closely resembles the original surface of the building, which had wooden planks. The surface was carefully selected to match the look of the original 120 mm planks, and the panels were colored with a warm and light grey to achieve the building's original nuance.

The facade panels consist of a 40 mm thin front plate, measuring over 7 meters in height and prepared with insulation on the back. Despite their size, the panels are self-supporting and do not add any further load to the existing construction. They also support four balconies and an accordion staircase, all made of UHPC.


Stunning balconies and an accordion stair

In addition to supplying 1300 sqm of facade panels, Hi-Con also delivered four balconies measuring 18 meters in length and an accordion staircase measuring over 24 meters to the KB32 renovation project. Made of UHPC, these elements not only enhance the building's aesthetics but also provide added functionality. Their self-supporting design and column support allows for the elements to be installed without adding any extra load on the building. The balconies are attached to the façade elements which also provide support, while the staircase is supported by columns, completing the transformation of KB32 into a modern and functional workspace.

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