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Herningsholm Vocational School receives award


Congratulations to C.F. Møller for receiving an award at the International Architecture Day. The architects won the award for creating an exciting and inspiring educational environment for the new building at Herningsholm Vocational School. The new wing has been created by modern and democratic principles and with a high architectual quality that fits with its surroundings.    



At Hi-Con we are proud to be a part of such an exciting and beautiful architectual project. We have supplied the building with 146 single-sided, insulated facade elements, 19 sandwich elements and wall slabs in CRC i2® high performance concrete. 



Project details: 

Architect: C.F. Møller A/S

Contractor: Jacobsen og Blindkilde A/S

Year: 2016 


Read more about the award at their website.  

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Michael Uhrenholt
Group Project Development Manager