Process optimization

Process optimization and cost reductions with high performance concrete


Great advantages come with working with high performance concrete: a strength almost like steel, the shapeability of concrete, high density and slender elements. But how does these great advantages really benefit the construction process? By using a current renovation project of 330 balconies at  "Skoleparken in Denmark, we attempt to give you a great example of how high performance concrete can result in both process optimization and cost reduction.


Project "Skoleparken" in Hillerød, Denmark


Process optimization with high performance concrete

As Hi-Con received the original solution for the renovation of 330 balconies at “Skoleparken” it consisted of several elements. For instance, the solution contained a 250 mm column working as a point foundation, whole bricks attached on the balcony parapets and conventional concrete as primary material. A solution with a total parapet thickness of 208mm and a lot of crane lifts.


3D visualization of the original balcony renovation solution  


However, Hi-Con suggested an alternative solution that optimized both the working procedure, the total costs and the result. For example, the Hi-Con solution suggested a cantilevered balcony that saved the balconies (and end-user) the 250 mm wide column for point foundation – a column that was going to be placed on the balconies. Thereby the cantilevered solution provided the residents with more space on their balconies.  


Furthermore, the Hi-Con alternative suggested a reduction of the thickness of the parapets. Besides casting the balconies in CRC i2® high performance concrete, Hi-Con would cast the balconies against a cloth to minimize the brick size. With this solution, Hi-Con was able to cover the parapets with brick shells measuring only 40-50 mm instead of whole bricks as suggested in the original solution. In that way Hi-Con accomplished to reduce the total thickness of the parapets with almost 100 mm – an optimization that increased the balcony area with up to 3 m2 and provided the balconies with a more light and slender expression.


The Hi-con alternative saving the residents for both columns and whole bricks.  


Finally yet importantly, Hi-Con was able to cast the balcony alternative in one element, which saved the project 1650 crane lifts and had a positive influence on the total costs.


Soo.. By using high performance concrete, you can optimize your building process in terms of both total cost reductions and building optimization. Therefore, Hi-Con always encourage their customers and cooperation partners to contact them as early in the process as possible. In the early stages of the building process, Hi-Con is able to create most value and spar with both builders, counselors, contractors and architects about these optimized solutions.


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